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Within its activities for the year 2014, the Law Respect Culture Bureau at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, recently concluded an educational program targeting the staff of the Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones.


Lt. Colonel Hammoud Al Affari, Deputy Director of the Bureau, said that the educational program for employees at the bureau is one of the most important awareness programs pursued by the office since its inauguration. He pointed out that the addressed segment’s privacy imposes a significant feature for the awareness program targeting them.  


He also noted that a large proportion of employees don't speak a language other than their own local language; which is a major challenge in teaching and educating those employees about their rights, as well as clarifying the applicable laws in a simplified way that anyone of them can understand beyond the legal language that is characterized with privacy and inflexibility, so as to enhance the level of their legal awareness and highly reduce the consequences of their ignorance of the laws prevailing in the state.


For his part, Captain Hamdan Al Hafiti, coordinator of the staff members’ awareness program, stressed the office’s commitment to always communicate with the employees and interact with them in a positive manner, in order to be prepared to actively receive the legal awareness message which contains legal rights before legal obligations. This way, the employee will realize that the applicable law treats him with justice and respects his rights before penalizing him for violating the legal provisions.


“The legal awareness program for employees develops and interacts with the latest recommendations and results from studies targeting this category which aim to study their social and legal requirements to produce the best results that reflect on them and on the society where they live,”, added Al Hafiti.

In conclusion, he noted that the Law Respect Culture Bureau plays an active role in spreading the concept of crime prevention; pointing out that it explains the law’s stance regarding the simplest behaviors that the employee might conduct during his daily life to those which affect society. This knowledge helps deter violation due to the prior knowledge of the laws through intensive awareness-raising activities.



02  Wednesday Apr, 2014


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