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E-Participation Policy


In our ongoing quest for excellence, and  to realize the highest quality standards of institutional performance, and considering our belief in the importance of promoting electronic presence through simple and innovative channels of communication with all community sectors, we consider involving the public in the process of developing and improving our services as a matter of concern for our leadership.

 The purpose of providing eParticipation tools is:

  1. To enhance our operations and services through identifying the needs, wishes and aspirations of our clients through various e-channels and platforms of expression.
  2. Promote the concept of transparency and knowledge exchange by publishing survey  and opinion poll results that can be copied and downloaded.
  3. Provide effective and user-friendly participation channels that promote partnership with the public and ensure increased mutual interaction.   
Consequently, we would like to assure you that The Ministry will be happy  to consider and listen to your opinions and suggestions, which shall be treated with absolute transparency. Therefore, you are requested to be our partner in the process of shaping our service policies in a professional manner. 

E-Participation Policy Objectives

The purpose of the e-Participation Policy is to lay down the necessary rules and regulations for regulating the use of e-Participation tools, explain the procedures and responsibilities resulting from this process to be used as a recognized reference for properly managing all aspects of e-participation in a manner that ensures achieving its objectives.

e-Participation Policy: Scope of Implementation 

The eParticipation Policy applies to all subjects, opinions, discussions, and opinion polls published or exchanged through eParticipation tools provided on MOI website, whether submitted or shared through computers, smartphones or tablets. This policy also applies to all websites of police headquarters and central departments of the Ministry.

e-Participation Tools

Through its website, the MOI provides a number of eParticipation tools, as follows:
Opinion Polls: Occasionally, the MOI conducts opinion polls through its various sectors and units. The aim is to gather opinion from the largest number of participants, which enable the Ministry to address security and service issues as well as any other issues of interest to the public.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys: the MOI regularly publishes e-surveys which aim to measure public satisfaction with the quality of its services and effectiveness of its operations.

Discussion Forums: 

the MOI provides a forum  for the public to raise and discuss issues provided that such issues fall within MOI's areas of  responsibility. The forum also provides chance for the public to express views and opposing views.


the MOI provides live chat feature for the clients to contact its website management team, which immediately responds to public inquiries and questions. This service is available during working hours only.

Feedback Form:

feedback forms are provided on MOI website for the clients to express give their opinion and comment on certain topics that  concern the public. In some cases, such forms might require provision of some initial information (e.g. name and e-mail) so that the website management team can respond and provide feedback.


Online blogs are considered as eParticipation tool that allows the public to activate their own personal pages through the host website in order to share their own opinions and interests with the public.

Social Media Sites:

the MOI utilizes a number of social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn) to communicate with the public through notifications, tweets, visual and audio clips, and to publish news and events which concern the public.

Complaints and Suggestions: the MOI provides the public with a system for lodging complaints and expressing such opinions that help in the development and promotion of services according to systematic and practical institutional approaches.

eParticipation Policy

All participations and contributions are subject to audit and review. Participations  that contain one or more of the following features or content shall be rejected and removed. The Ministry reserves the right not to give reasons or justifications for such action:

  1. Topics or discussions that are prejudicial to state security, sovereignty, national unity and compromise our national interests.
  2. Any contributions or issues which could stimulate sectarianism, or contain insinuations of  racial or cultural discrimination.
  3. Articles and contributions that contain candid or implied insinuations or gestures to public indecencies or lewdness.
  4. Incitement, defamation, libel, insults against leaders, national figures or issues touching personal life. 
  5. Insults against religions, holy rituals; articles and issues that provoke sectarian differences. 
  6. Any classified (confidential) information, which could harm our national institutions.
  7. Personal use of eParticipation tools for commercial or marketing purposes.
  8. Issues and contributions that oppose the laws and customs, or socially unacceptable.
eParticipation Policy and Procedures

The Ministry of Interior is committed to handling all public opinions, suggestions, and contributions through certain procedures as follows: 

  1. before approving publication, the eParticipation management team receives, studies, and analyzes customer participations. 
  2. Notifying the customer of receiving his participation, via SMS, e-mail, or via phone call in some exceptional cases.
  3. Referring the participation to the concerned MOI department to study and provide feedback.
  4. Notifying the customer of the results of the participation.

The Rights of the Public regarding e-Participation

  1. The public has a right to know the results of the surveys and opinion polls occasionally published by the Ministry of Interior.
  2. Receive a notice from the Ministry of Interior confirming receipt of his participation by any means deemed appropriate.
  3. Inquire about the status of the complaint, suggestion, or participation presented through any channel provided by the Ministry.
  4. Obtain data related to the eParticipation tools in open data format that can be copied and downloaded.
Review and Audit Policy

All participations and articles from the public will be subject to review and audit prior to publishing. The aim is to verify compliance with policy provisions and content. Violating any provision of the policy will lead to removal or amendment of the contribution. Yet, in some cases, violators could be prosecuted, in accordance with the UAE laws and regulations.

Amendment and Enhancement of eParticipation Policy 

The Ministry of Interior reserves the right to review and amend the content of the policy whenever deemed fit, without advance notification. The content of the updated version takes effect from the date of approving the amendment. The eParticipation Policy does not require consent  of the customer through conventional methods such as signing the content. His  participation and use of any eParticipation tool provided by the MOI website or central departments is considered as advance and implied consent. 


It should be noted that all participations and discussions presented by the public are considered personal views that reflect the views of the author alone. Hence, the Ministry of Interior cannot be held liable for any client misuse of the eParticipation tools.